Quality Score Now Affected by Landing Page Load Time

Quality Score Now Affected by Landing Page Load Time

Google warned us this would happen and beginning today, landing page load times will affect AdWords Quality Score. The reason behind the change is something that Google often touts: it’s what’s best for the user. Google argues that faster load times are better for users, so pages that load faster will be rewarded accordingly.

In May, the AdWords team launched a load time metric to help you evaluate your pages.

And you might be surprised what you can do to improve your load times – and increase your conversions.

Before you do any drastic changes to your pages so they’ll load faster, testing your new page can help you know whether or not your changes will convert.

FirstFound have been using this method from the start as best practice. If you think about it, it’s just common sense isn’t it. A simple solution that FirstFound use is the creation of what is called a Landing page for all their AdWords campaigns. This page is optimised to the individuals’ products so not only do you get a good quality score but they optimise the page for load times and what is called the trigger. What does the client want out of the landing page? A Sale, a phone number or simply to advertise? Whatever the goal is, the page is optimised to maximise all the benefits online advertising has to offer. The only advertising in the world where an advert appears at the exact time the customer is searching for that exact product or service.