Quality Score Now Affected by Landing Page Load Time

Quality Score Now Affected by Landing Page Load Time

Google warned us this would happen and beginning today, landing page load times will affect AdWords Quality Score. The reason behind the change is something that Google often touts: it’s what’s best for the user. Google argues that faster load times are better for users, so pages that load faster will be rewarded accordingly.

In May, the AdWords team launched a load time metric to help you evaluate your pages.

And you might be surprised what you can do to improve your load times – and increase your conversions.

Before you do any drastic changes to your pages so they’ll load faster, testing your new page can help you know whether or not your changes will convert.

FirstFound have been using this method from the start as best practice. If you think about it, it’s just common sense isn’t it. A simple solution that FirstFound use is the creation of what is called a Landing page for all their AdWords campaigns. This page is optimised to the individuals’ products so not only do you get a good quality score but they optimise the page for load times and what is called the trigger. What does the client want out of the landing page? A Sale, a phone number or simply to advertise? Whatever the goal is, the page is optimised to maximise all the benefits online advertising has to offer. The only advertising in the world where an advert appears at the exact time the customer is searching for that exact product or service.

Yahoo UK appoints Mark Rabe as sales chief

Mark Rabe has been appointed to head Yahoo’s UK sales team, replacing Blake Chandlee who left the firm for Facebook last October.

Rabe will move over from Yahoo’s main office in the US next month to take up the role of vice-president and managing director for UK sales, responsible for strategy and marketing solutions for the internet company’s UK advertisers.

He joined Yahoo in 2003 and has 10 years’ experience in online advertising, most recently as vice-president for global sales.

His UK predecessor, Chandlee, also joined Yahoo in 2003 but left to take one of the first new roles at Facebook’s new London office.

The UK has a very advanced online advertising market that has stayed buoyant in the face of a gloomy economic climate, according to a recent report by the Internet Advertising Bureau.

IAB said 2007 online ad revenues were ahead of its forecasts at £2.8bn for the year, with display – one of Yahoo’s key services – expected to rise 31% in 2008.


Pay Per Click Management

Pay Per Click Delivers Immediate Visibility
If you’re looking for immediate visibility and instant results on the search engines then pay per click is the way to go. When we say immediate, we mean immediate. We could have you set-up and ready to go by the end of the day.

We can achieve instant ‘on-demand’ results with pay per click
Pay per click offers incredible on-demand flexibility as it can be switched on and off at will. If you wanted to run a campaign at lunchtime for example, to target lunchtime surfers, we could focus on gaining you visitors between 12.30pm and 2pm. Depending on your business objectives you might however want 24 hour coverage. Our experts will be happy to advise on the best strategy for your business.

We’re recognised by Google as professionals
Rest assured if you decide to use our pay per click solutions you’ll be working with Google Adwords professionals. Google recognise our expertise and we’re highly experienced at generating the highest number of clicks for the lowest cost. Whether you have a budget of more than £20,000 per month or a few hundred pounds, we’ll get exceptional results for your business. We do however strongly recommend using pay per click in addition to optimising your website for the search engines, in order to maximise your presence on the search engines and generate results.

If you want instant results from our pay per click solutions then call our friendly team of experts today on 0161 909 3433 .